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Curriculum Resources for College and University Programs

RIRO Curriculum Modules
These modules introduce resiliency theory, research and skills to students in Early Childhood Education and human development programs. Complete with PowerPoint slides, instructor's notes, handouts, video material and classroom and take-home activities, RIRO Curriculum Modules are easily incorporated into college and university classroom settings.

Modules for college programs were developed by Professor Connie Winder at the School of Early Childhood at George Brown College. RIRO College Curriculum Modules are available in PDF format.

Download RIRO College Curriculum Modules

Printed copies of the College Curriculum Modules, including a DVD with PowerPoint slides and videos, can be ordered by contacting us at info@reachinginreachingout.com.

Draft modules for university programs were developed by Professor Kathleen Brophy and Karen Dykstra at the University of Guelph. For more information about the modules for university programs, please contact us.

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