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Overview of Programs & Services

We help adults and children develop resiliency skills

Resilience helps people handle stress, overcome childhood disadvantage, bounce back from trauma and reach out to others and opportunities. Resilience is associated with better health and greater success in school, jobs and relationships. And skills that support resilience contribute to healthy child development.

Children learn resiliency skills by watching adults model them. This simple idea is backed by more than 30 years of research and is the cornerstone of our approach. We teach adults the skills they need to handle life's challenges with resilience and show them how to pass those skills along to children. 

Two unique programs help professionals and parents

Reaching IN...Reaching OUT (RIRO) Resiliency Skills Training for service providers and
Bounce Back & Thrive! (BBT) Resiliency Skills Training for parents are Canada's only evidence-based programs for teaching resiliency thinking and coping skills to children under 8 years. We reach young children by training professionals and parents to model and share the skills with the children in their lives.

These skills promote children's strengths and resilience. This helps reduce the sense of helplessness that feeds conflict, violence and the risk for depression. Our programs promote behaviour that is fundamental to the development of civil society at large, benefiting not only children, but adults working with children, caregivers, parents and the communities where they live, learn and work.

Founded as a pilot project in 2002, we have earned a reputation for creating new ways to help families, groups and organizations learn about resilience and develop resiliency thinking and coping skills in order to pass them along to support children under the age of eight years.

Range of services and supports

Training is the cornerstone of our work. Through a network of RIRO Trainers, we have offered the RIRO Resiliency Skills Training Program to nearly 10,000 service providers, benefiting an estimated 100,000 children annually. RIRO training services are available in several delivery models that are designed to work in a variety of settings. Through Bounce Back & Thrive! (BBT), our BBT trainers offer the resiliency skills training to parents. To learn more about our training programs, click here.

Training trainers helps us to benefit additional young children. More than 400 training professionals and educators across Canada and beyond have already completed a Trainer Intensive to become a RIRO Trainer. To further increase training uptake, "Authorized RIRO Trainers" are organized into "hubs" so that they can collaborate and offer support to each other, spreading resiliency knowledge and skills in their own communities.  As well. nearly 300 professionals and educators have completed training and are authorized to deliver the Bounce Back & Thrive! resiliency skills training program to parents.Learn more about becoming a trainer.

Our resources are helpful to anyone who wants to learn more about resilience. Check out the guidebook, videos, books for children and adults, articles and curriculum materials that we have carefully reviewed and assembled to address the learning needs of children, parents, educators and community members alike. Parents are invited to visit our parent website to learn more about building resilience in their families.

Other services include customized training like our "reflective leadership" training program and presentations through our speakers' bureau. We also offer consultation and evaluation services to organizations to support and measure resilience as well as video production, research and writing services related to resilience and well-being. For more information, contact us.

Our model

Our unique delivery model is very cost effective. By engaging established networks of professionals and paraprofessionals who work with children, RIRO-trained service providers can transfer resiliency skills to children for less than $10.00 each.

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"There is a great deal of potential with this type of approach. Being able to impact children by developing resiliency will not only lead to more productive use of time teaching children skills and competencies, but will also help staff develop greater skills for themselves which could contribute to less turnover and better quality in the program."
–BM (manager, child care centre)

"Essential 'skills for life'! We ALL benefit if we are more resilient."
–RM (professional development coordinator)

"If you give children tools in order to prevent them from running into trouble later on in life, as a society we are going to save so much money. And the world is just going to be a better place."
–LD (manager, child care services)