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Our Supporters

Our Founding Sponsors and Partners

Reaching IN...Reaching OUT (RIRO) was developed under the auspices of the Child & Family Partnership – four organizations that came together in 1998 to build on their respective strengths in the areas of early childhood education, mental health, training and research. From 2002-2012, this partnership sponsored the development, evaluation and dissemination of the RIRO and Bounce Back and Thrive! programs as well as other resiliency resources for service providers and parents. We wish to thank the following organizations for their support:

The YMCA of Greater Toronto

The University of Guelph

The Child Development Institute (formerly known as The Crèche Child and Family Centre)

George Brown College

We would like to express our appreciation to the Canadian Child Care Federation for its consultation and support of RIRO's programs and resources and for actively promoting resilience in Canada's children.

Our thanks to Launchbox for their creative efforts in the design of RIRO's websites and for their ongoing support in disseminating our eNewsbrief, ResilienC.

Our Funders

Special acknowledgement goes to the following organizations for their generous financial support for the development of Reaching IN...Reaching OUT's programs, products and other resiliency initiatives:

The Ontario Trillium Foundation A three-year project grant (2006-2009) to pilot and implement RIRO's Train-the-Trainer Program to roll out the skills training in Ontario, revise RIRO's website and create the ResilienC eNewsbrief to help promote a virtual network of people interested in promoting resilience in young children.

Social Development Partnerships Program (Human Resources & Skills Development Canada) Four-year project funding (2002-2006) for the initial pilot research as well as development of RIRO's skills training program, curriculum modules and resiliency resources for professionals. Three-year project funding (2010-2012) to adapt and pilot RIRO skills training and other resiliency resources to meet the needs of parents experiencing serious challenges (Bounce Back & Thrive!).


Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services Project funding received (2009-2010) for the "Resilience Synthesis Review Project" a knowledge mobilization project to explore with experts, policy makers, service providers, youth and families how programs and policies can support the ministry's strategic goal: "every child and youth is resilient."

Resiliency Directions Inc. is a social entrepreneurship dedicated to supporting resilience in people of all ages. Founded by Jennifer Pearson, RIRO’s lead program developer and master trainer, Resiliency Directions Inc. manages the training events offered directly by Reaching IN…Reaching OUT, and supports ongoing development of RIRO’s skills training programs and training-related resources.

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