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We now have one Trainer "Intensive" for two evidence-based training programs

  • Reaching IN...Reaching OUT (RIRO) (for service providers working with children under 8 years and their families)
  • Bounce Back & Thrive! (BBT) (for parents with children under 8)

Our NEW Trainer Intensive Program will prepare participants to deliver RIRO and BBT resiliency skills training within their organizations and communities. In addition to advanced level training, the Trainer Intensive Program provides:

  • a comprehensive set of materials that equip trainers to market and provide the resiliency skills training programs to service providers and parents;
  • follow-up consultation to support trainers as they initiate and deliver the skills training in their communities.

For more information about becoming a RIRO-BBT Trainer
, click here

RIRO-BBT Mentor-Internship Model

The RIRO-BBT Mentor–Internship Model was developed to increase capacity for sustainable delivery of the RIRO & BBT Resiliency Skills Training programs in non-profit organizations & their communities. For information, click here.


RIRO Resiliency Skills Training
For a description of the RIRO Resiliency Skills Training Program content, click here.

BBT Resiliency Skills Training

For a description of the BBT Resiliency Skills Training Program content, click here.

Announcement! RIRO Resiliency Skills Training available in FRENCH

For years, we wanted to make RIRO Resiliency Skills Training available to Francophones. And finally in August 2017, we piloted the first French RIRO Trainer "Intensive" in Durham Region, Ontario. Many thanks to all who participated and helped to make this event a success.

Upcoming trainer "intensives"

*5-day "combined" RIRO-BBT Trainer "Intensive" (for trainers who offer training to service providers and/or parents)

To Be Announced
Date:  To Be Announced   
Registration form for "Intensive": 


French *4-day RIRO "Intensive"
(for trainers who offer training to service providers in French)

To Be Announced
Date:  To Be Announced  
Registration form for "Intensive":

Hosting a Trainer "Intensive" or Skills Training in your community

To inquire about hosting a RIRO or BBT Trainer "Intensive" or 12-hour RIRO skills training in your community, contact: info@reachinginreachingout.com

What participants say about our Trainer "Intensives"

"This ranks as the most effective training I've ever received. Most enjoyable, informative and useful."
–CLN (social worker, children's mental health)

"Helps professionals not only better their work experiences, this training provides concrete examples and strategies to better your life experiences. It goes beyond employment!"
–LM (behaviour management specialist)

"It is a very valuable, hands-on training. I also really appreciated the marketing information as now I will be heading back to sell to the funders."
–JY (director, newcomer support organization)

"The training and materials are so comprehensive, you can use them right away."
–SK (trainer)

"For anyone working with families and children this information can only improve their professional capacity to improve the lives of the families they work with. Creating better communities..." –DMS (child care director, children with special needs)

"Incredibly valuable program. Excellent materials and supports!"
–BS (guidance counsellor)

"The camaraderie and togetherness of the trainers' training was awesome – the wealth of information and sharing was quite rich." –TR (social worker, trainer)

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"It was an amazing experience and also an opportunity to learn personally as well as professionally. The subject matter is so important that this training should be available to as many early childhood educators as possible."
– KA (trainer, early childhood education)

"Very informative, engaging, great networking opportunity. Brought about self-awareness, encouraged me to bring positive changes in my personal and professional life."
–DG (trainer, child & youth worker)

"Grounded, empirically-tested information – positively important when dealing with such a young population that will inevitably be taking care of us in the future."
–FR (trainer)