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Overview of Our Effectiveness

Our six-phase research & evaluation program spans nearly a decade-and-a half

“As a result of RIRO’s skills training programs, both adults and children experience more positive relationships, greater calmness and less stress, increased confidence and perseverance, greater ability to ‘re-think’ challenging situations before responding and a more positive and hopeful outlook.”

Beginning in 2002, Reaching IN...Reaching OUT (RIRO) was engaged in an ambitious, six-phase research and evaluation program. It has been an important part of the development of evidence-based programs and resources to support resilience and well-being in adults and young children.

As of early 2019, nearly 10,000 service providers plus a growing number of parents have participated in RIRO’s skills training programs. Many have participated in the evaluation of the impact of the skills on their lives, work and the children around them.

Our report, RIRO Research & Evaluation Program: Description and Results Summary (2002-14), describes the six phases and ongoing evaluation and summarizes the results for each. Taken together, the results show considerable consistency in key areas despite participants coming from different populations and geographically diverse locations.      Full report        Summary of report

And from 2010 to 2016, a formal evaluation of Bounce Back & Thrive! was also completed click here for more information.

Reaching IN...Reaching OUT (RIRO) resiliency skills training works

"The skills have had positive effects on both me and the children. The skills help me to de-stress, put my thoughts together and think more clearly. And when the children see me calm and relaxed, they pick up on that vibe and feel calm and relaxed too." –MS (ECE- frontline)

Over this time, RIRO has learned what works when it comes to teaching skills and promoting "resilient" thinking and coping in adults and young children.

Founded in research and guided by ongoing evaluation, RIRO has trained nearly 400 professionals to become trainers. RIRO trainers have trained nearly 10,000 service providers to use the skills with children, families and co-workers.

How do RIRO skills help adults and children? To learn more, click here.

Bounce Back & Thrive! resiliency skills training – earns parent praise

"I came to this program with the hopes that I would be able to go from "Okay, let's just survive the day" to actually enjoying being a parent.  And I have definitely made it there. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help myself and my kids get to this point." (a parent)

From 2010 to 2016, we formally evaluated the effectiveness of Bounce Back & Thrive! (BBT). BBT helps parents help their children build the resilience necessary to handle life’s inevitable bumps in the road.

561 parents attending 84 BBT groups in diverse communities participated in our multi-site pilot project and 3 subsequent evaluation studies.

They report positive changes in their beliefs, attitudes and behavior and are using their newly-acquired resiliency skills regularly with their children. And the best part they've observed their children using the resiliency skills with other children and adults. Because of these positive changes, between 95-100% of the parents would recommend BBT to other parents.

To learn more about how BBT helps parents and children, click here.



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"The biggest thing I still use from the BBT group is to step back for a minute when I am upset so I can respond instead of react. Instead of that outburst I used to have, I find I can calm down and think before I react. I figure my patience with my daughter has increased by 90%."
(a parent)


"The RIRO skills training is important for self-growth, self-evaluation, and understanding of our own behaviors. It gives us tools to understand the behaviors of others and assist them in developing their resiliency."
–HT (manager, child care program)