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Bounce Back & Thrive!                  Resiliency Skills Training Program

"I am a big fan of this program. I have offered many different parent programs and never had one that was this successfully attended. The content and how it was laid out really made the parents want to come to the groups." –KH (social worker)

Bounce Back & Thrive! (BBT) is a 10-session evolving evidence-based resiliency skills training program for parents with children under the age of 8 years. BBT helps parents build skills that increase their capacity to role model resilience in their daily interactions with their children. Download summary

How the training works

focuses on
enhancing the capacity of parents to provide caring relationships and role model skills that build resilience in their daily interactions with their children. Content includes…

Exploring how:

  • caring relationships, positive role models and a strengths-based approach help build resilience in young children.

Building self-regulation skills to:

  • enhance how we regulate our emotions and control our impulses
  • reflect on our reactions to stressful circumstances.

Learning key thinking skills including:

  • easy ways to understand how thoughts cause reactions that either help or hinder responding with resilience to situations
  • techniques to identify non-resilient “thinking habits” and deeply-rooted beliefs that cause relationship difficulties and block effective responses to opportunities
  • techniques to develop flexible thinking and find alternative ways to respond to conflict, problems and stress.

PART 2 helps parents apply behaviour guidance and resiliency-building strategies directly with their children. Content includes…

Using empathy to build close relationships and help children develop emotional literacy skills

Helping children develop a “Can Do” view through mastery opportunities, encouragement and confidence-building approaches

Building an environment of “positivity” to enhance children’s capacity to maintain hope and optimism

How the training is delivered

Delivered in 10 sessions, Bounce Back & Thrive! is an interactive group program offering: 

  • information exchange
  • hands-on activities
  • video clips of parents and children using resilience-building strategies
  • discussion and skills practice

BBT was created for all parents (and those involved with children in a parenting role). It was piloted with teens/young parents, solo parents, parents living in remote or First Nations communities, parents coping with challenges like illness, poverty, unemployment or violence, as well as families with children who have special needs or are at risk for maltreatment. BBT is suitable for parents with lower literacy levels.                              

Does BBT work?

Parents say “Yes!”
100% recommend the skills training to other parents. To learn more about its effectiveness, click here.

If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Become a BBT Trainer

If you are interested in becoming a BBT Trainer to deliver BBT to parents in your community, click here

Other resiliency resources for parents

In addition to the BBT Parent Resiliency Skills Training Program, we have developed several other resilience-building resources that professionals can use in their work with parents and young children. These include:

  • 'Grab & Go' Parent-child Resiliency Activity Modules -- service providers click here
  • Public Awareness Session -- a 2-hour presentation highlighting ways that parents and community members can build resilience in themselves and children under 8 years (available to RIRO Trainers and BBT Trainers; click here to lean more about becoming a BBT or RIRO Trainer).
  • Public Awareness Video -- "Building Resilience in Young Children and Families" is a 10-minute video to inspire and increase awareness about the importance of building resilience in young children and families. Click here
  • Tip sheets and posters -- This series of engaging posters and one-page tip sheets featuring the "Resilience-Bee Family" offers suggestions to parents for building strengths in several important areas that support resilience: positive role modeling, being calm, understanding feelings, flexible thinking, positive outlook, perseverance (keep trying), and participation/ helping out. Service providers click here for more information.
  • Website containing many free resiliency resources dedicated to parents including videos, posters, tip sheets,

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"BBT was good and has taught me to be calmer and think more before I react to stresses. I think this group should be taught to first-time parents." (a parent)

"It helped me find myself and deal with things in an appropriate way and build a closer relationship with my child because I take the time to understand how he is feeling. Every parent or person should know these things to get through life, build good relationships and live positive."
(a parent)

"I would recommend BBT because there are very good tips on how to think most positively about yourself, so you can be a good role model for your children." (a parent)

"The information and way it provided is so important. It helps deal with your own baggage, so that you can avoid sharing those with your kids."
(a parent)

"From hearing the other mothers speak, I learned I'm not the only one dealing with certain issues. I learned not to jump to conclusions or think negative. I can teach my children how to deal with their problems by dealing with mine positive."
(a parent)