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Overview of Our Programs

Two unique resiliency skills training programs

We are now offering two resiliency skills training programs and recruiting trainers to deliver them:

  • Reaching IN...Reaching OUT (RIRO) Resiliency Skills Training (for service providers working with young children and their families)
  • Bounce Back & Thrive! (BBT) Resiliency Skills Training (for parents with children under 8)

RIRO Resiliency Skills Training Program for service providers

"This is training that every person, whether working with children or parents, needs in their lives. The adult skills are so important. Maybe the conflicts in the world will reduce if future generations get these skills taught very early in their lives." –HS (professional development co-ordinator)

RIRO's evidence-based resiliency skills training has been delivered to nearly 10,000 service providers working in early learning, child care, education, community and mental health as well as other settings. RIRO resiliency skills help practitioners build the knowledge and skills they need to model and teach resilience-building approaches to children under the age of 8 years and their families. The 12-hour evidence-based program has several flexible delivery models designed to meet the individual needs of groups and organizations.

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BBT Resiliency Skills Training Program for parents
"Before taking this program, my son and I had a lot of trouble. But I realize now that he doesn’t respond well to yelling. Since I’ve become calmer, he’s been calmer. He talks more calmly and is better at asking for what he wants. I am trying to catch him doing good stuff and give him a ‘high five’ – he is surprised and loves it. We have a way closer relationship now."
(a parent)

BBT is a 10-session evidence-based resiliency skills training program for parents with children under 8 years of age. BBT helps parents build skills that increase their capacity to role model resilience in their daily interactions with their children and directly introduce basic resiliency skills to help them bounce back and thrive.

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"It teaches people to understand a child's behaviour and deal with it appropriately. If everyone had this training, it would result in more secure, confident children."
–KW (ECE, frontline)

" RIRO is the fertile seedbed in which all other 'best practices' can grow."
–LD (program supervisor)

" I think that the BBT program is very helpful and would recommend it to every parent. Not only did it help me and my children, it also helped me in my everyday schedule. I felt by me staying calm it made my kids change in a great way. This program was awesome." (a parent)