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Mike talks about the benefits of letting his 3-year-old daughter, who has Down’s Syndrome, do things by herself. (49 sec.)

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“Keep Trying”

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Resiliency Resources for Parents


An “I can do it” attitude helps build confidence in our ability to overcome challenges and solve problems. Parents can help children increase their confidence through role-modelling, encouragement and support.

Brinda and Rameez share how they are helping their son overcome his fear of monsters. (3 min. 18 sec.)

Here’s what you can do

  • Encourage your child to keep on trying even when the task is challenging or frustrating. Watch video
    Melissa shares how encouragement helps children develop the confidence and determination to keep on trying despite obstacles and frustration. (1 min. 18 sec.)
  • Show your child that “Mistakes are OK – both adults and children need to know that making mistakes can be a good thing! They help us learn what we can do differently the next time.
  • Be a "Strengths Detective" – look for THREE STRENGTHS your child has. Tell your child about these strengths and encourage activities that build on them.
  • Give your child lots of time to play. Children learn how to solve problems, get along with others and develop important life skills when they play.
  • Make tasks “bite-size” so your child doesn’t get discouraged and can see progress step-by-step.
  • Offer 2 or 3 manageable choices so your child learns how to make decisions.
  • Read or tell your child stories about how others develop their strengths and confidence. (Click here for children’s books about gaining confidence )

Children need to learn to make choices. But, in the end, you want what you want to be done. You don't want a big hassle. In order to not get the fuss, you can offer them choices of what you want to happen... READ MORE

Tips and Activities

  • Tip sheet with ways to help your child "keep on trying."     English     French     Other languages
  • More resources – here's a poster about using encouragement to help build your child's confidence.