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Resiliency Resources for Parents


Welcome to the “Parent Information Booth”!

You’ll find many resources to help you and your child travel the "Road of Life" with resilience.

Want to learn about the basics of resilience?

  • Start with the “Road of Life” Travel List
  • Visit “Introduction to Resilience”

Wish to dig deeper?

  • Explore our Resiliency Guidebook
  • Watch Resiliency Skills Videos

Need ideas and inspiration?

  • Visit “Parent Success Stories
  • Look through our "Tip Sheets" and "Posters" (go to white boxes)

How about a resilience boost?

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Looking for other links and resources?

  • Read this booklet on building resilience in children from birth to 6 years written by RIRO staff for the Best Start Resource Centre.   English    French  

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