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Nicole, a young parent, shares how volunteering and participating in community programs gave her the confidence to return to school to study social work. (1 min. 21 sec.)

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“Helping Others”

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Taking responsibility helps us recognize that we can make a difference. Giving young children responsibility for small things helps them feel like they can make a contribution.

Children who see themselves as useful and helpful develop a belief in their own worth. Encouraging children to participate gives them a sense of purpose and helps them feel good about themselves.

Tricia’s son gains a sense of confidence and responsibility when she allows him to help out at home and in the community. (1 min. 30 sec.)

Here’s what you can do

  • Role model taking responsibility for your own feelings and actions in front of your child: “Oops, I just made a mistake on this, but I can make up for it by doing…” or “I’m sorry I yelled at you. Next time, I’m going stop and calm down before I speak."
  • Encourage your child to take responsibility by helping with daily chores.
  • Help your child think of small ways to help others. This helps develop empathy.
  • Involve your child when you help others like family members or neighbours in your community. Let your child find out that it feels good to help. And, it feels good to belong to a community, too.
  • Help your child learn about and celebrate his or her own culture. This helps children feel good about their own identity. And it joins them to a larger community.
  • Encourage participation in community activities that will build your child’s talents and interests (like sports, music, art). This helps identify strengths and gives direction, purpose and enjoyment to your child’s life.
  • Read or tell your child stories about others who help out and get involved in community activities. Click here for children’s storybooks about responsibility and participation.

...It was lovely to see them contributing to the family effort to celebrate Mom's life. And it was heartwarming to hear the 3-year-old saying to his younger brother, 'Gramma is proud we are helping out!'...   READ MORE

Tips and Activities

  • Tip sheet with ways to help your child develop responsibility and participate more at home and in the community. 
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