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Resiliency Resources for Parents


Looking for ways to help your child bounce back from life’s challenges?

Want to help your child build confidence? Learn self-control? Develop a
positive outlook?

You’ve come to the right place. Resilience helps us get through tough times as we travel the "Road of Life." And all of us have the capacity to develop resilience.

If you go on a long trip, there are things you need to take and stops you’ll need to make. Building resilience works the same way. We can develop personal strengths to take with us, but we’ll also need to pick up support along the way.

The “Road of Life” Travel List provides information, activities, videos and more to help you and your child travel the road with resilience. Click here to print list.

It’s just like going on any trip – it works better if we have a list of things we need for the journey.

* Parents…grandparents…foster parents…caring adults?
This site was created to support anyone involved in caring for children.

We want to thank all of the parents who shared their stories and lives with us. Your contributions enriched this website in so many ways.

We would also like to acknowledge the Social Development Partnerships Program of the Government of Canada for funding the development of this parent website (the opinions expressed in this website are those of the authors, not those of the Government of Canada).

And special thanks go to our web developers at Launchbox for countless volunteer hours spent enhancing the site to make it more accessible to parents.

Reaching In...Reaching Out - Promoting Resilience in Young Children