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Skills Videos

These RIRO video segments introduce resiliency skills that can help adults and children cope better with life's challenges.[1]Reivich, K. & A. J. Shatté. 2002. The Resilience Factor. New York: Broadway Books. Hear from professionals who use resiliency skills every day in their work with young children.

Overview of Resilience (1 min 19 sec) – Learn to be resilient by changing the way you think about conflict and challenge.

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The ABC Model (4 min) – Understand your own and other's reactions to adversity and stressful circumstances.

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Explanatory Style (4 min) – Learn how your thinking habits can affect your ability to bounce back from stressful circumstances.

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Challenging Beliefs (2 min 21 sec) – Challenge the 'thinking habits' that get in your way.

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Generating Alternatives (2 min 25 sec) – Learn to think flexibly, and find alternatives for handling stressful circumstances.

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Putting It into Perspective (3 min 33 sec) – Gain perspective and challenge catastrophic thinking.

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Calming & Focusing (3 min 6 sec) – Learn to stay calm and focused during stressful times.

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