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Skills Training

Through our network of authorized trainers, we offer two separate, evidence-based resiliency skills training programs:

  • Reaching IN...Reaching OUT (RIRO)
    RIRO is a two-part, 12-hour skills training program for service providers working with children under 8 years and their families. A relationship-based, cognitive-behavioural approach is used to help service providers role model effective thinking and coping strategies in their daily interactions with children and families. It also prepares them to directly teach children age-appropriate self-regulation and resilience-building skills. More info

    RIRO Resiliency Skills Training is now available in FRENCH.

  • Bounce Back & Thrive! (BBT)
    BBT is a group skills training program for parents with children under 8 years. This 10-session program helps parents gain self-regulation and thinking skills that increase their capacity to provide a caring relationship and role model resilience-building skills in daily interactions with their children.More info

How do I access RIRO skills training?

RIRO Resiliency Skills Training is delivered to service providers by a network of authorized RIRO Trainers working within non-profit organizations that host the training in communities across Canada and elsewhere. (We regret that we are unable to provide a referral service for these training events.)

If your community does not have authorized RIRO Trainers, there are two additional ways to access the training:
  • RIRO offers the skills training periodically in Toronto. Our next RIRO Resiliency Skills Training series is scheduled for: 

                     To be announced (9am-5pm)

      • Part 1: Adult skills
      • Part 2: Child applications
        (Note: Part 1 is a pre-requisite for Part 2)

        Registration form:
  • Organizations and community networks can arrange for an onsite skills training by contacting us.

How do parents access BBT skills training?

BBT is delivered exclusively to parents through authorized BBT Trainers working in non-profit or government-funded organizations in several communities in Canada.

To find out if BBT is offered in your community, contact us.

How do service providers access training to become a RIRO and/ or BBT Trainer?

5-day combined RIRO and BBT Trainer “Intensives” are offered once a year in Toronto, Canada. Click here to view upcoming training.

We also encourage organizations and community networks to host a RIRO or BBT Trainer “Intensive” for service providers from a range of sectors working with young children and families. This is a cost-effective way for local organizations to increase sustainability in their resilience-promotion efforts by creating a hub of authorized trainers who offer the resiliency skills training and resources to service providers and parents in their community.

How do service providers decide which training to take?

Service providers often ask which training option would be best for them, their organization and communities. To help you make your choice, here are various options:
  • If you are a service provider and want to boost your resilience and  build resilience in the children you work with, enrol in RIRO Resiliency Skills Training. More info

  • If you want to offer the 12-hour RIRO Resiliency Skills Training to service providers AND the 10-session BBT Resiliency Skills Training to parent groups, take the combined RIRO-BBT Trainer "Intensive.*  More info

  • If you want to offer the 12-hour RIRO Resiliency Skills Training to service providers who work with young children, contact jennifer@reachinginreachingout.com for information about hosting a RIRO Trainer "Intensive" in your community.

  • If you want to offer the 10-session BBT Resiliency Skills Training to parent groups (BBT), contact jennifer@reachinginreachingout.com for information about hosting a BBT Trainer "Intensive" in your community.
* We also offer a Mentor-Internship Training Model to increase capacity for sustainable delivery of the RIRO & BBT Resiliency Skills Training programs in non-profit organizations & their communities. An authorized RIRO or BBT Trainer who has delivered the program satisfactorily is eligible to apply to become a RIRO or BBT Mentor and offer an Internship to a colleague to become an authorized RIRO or BBT Trainer. More info

Want more information about becoming a trainer?

For more information about becoming a RIRO and/or BBT Trainer, please go to “Become a Trainer”.

How do I access RIRO’s other resiliency workshops, presentations or consultation?

You can arrange for a presentation, workshop or consultation related to the promotion of resilience and well-being tailored to your needs by contacting us.


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