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Songs of Resilience
Children Singing

Songs of Resilience are special songs and guided movements to help young children "bounce back" and thrive.

Research tells us that music and movement are a powerful combination. Together they help children by building better brains, reinforcing learning, supporting development, building strengths to "bounce back" and thrive, and promoting social harmony.

So, we've been writing special musical stories and children's sing-a-longs and adding guided movements that are aimed at children 3-1/2 to 7 years. Each song package contains a musical story, sing-a-long with guided movements, lyrics and sheet music, tips on how to use the songs most effectively, and other resiliency resources. More info


Large or small your contributions are important so that we can continue this work. We are planning Volume 2 as well as children's books to accompany the songs... but recordings and illustrations are costly.

By listening to stories about how the animals at Peaceful Pond handle their challenges, children learn ways to deal with their own. Then, the sing-a-longs reinforce those positive messages. We hope that when children face bigger challenges someday, they'll have these strengths to help them.

Musical stories and sing-a-longs

We are pleased to make the musical stories and sing-a-longs in Volume 1 available on YouTube at no charge for your personal listening (resource materials are not included).

Song packages
Each complete song package contains resources to help you use the songs most effectively whether you're a first-time parent or an experienced professional. Grab 'n' Go guides, discussion tips, guided movements, pictures and other resiliency resources are included in the resource booklets. Links for the songs in higher fidelity formats (mp3 and wav) are also included. If you'd like to see what our song packages contain, please check out the free "Waldo the Duck" Song Package. You can also download the complete set of four song packages contained in Volume 1.

Rubie Raccoon (NEW!)
(Looking for Positives)

Phoebe the Frog (NEW!)
(Challenging our Thoughts, #2)

Waldo the Duck

Mel the Moose
(Calming Down)

Barrie the Bear
(Challenging our Thoughts)

Serafina Spider

"Take Five & Thrive!"
  • While the children are singing songs about ways to cope with life’s ups and downs, here’s a FREE song with tips for you, too.
    YouTube | mp3 | wav


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The Songs of Resilience Project is dedicated to the memory of Sylvia Morrison, PhD., a wonderful parent and professional who cared deeply about children. We also want to thank our donors and volunteers who helped to make Volume 1 a reality.